Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Always shop with a grocery list

Never shop on an empty stomach. Or should I say, don't buy groceries when you are hungry. Food is one of our biggest monthly expenditures. If you eat out often, then this is going to up your food bill quite a bit. I recommend setting limits on how many times you eat out, as this will put more money into your own pocket instead of lining restaurant owners.

Now to the topic at hand. It is important to have a grocery list because 1) it prevents impulse buying; 2) we buy more food items when we are hungry; and 3) the kitchen shelves are stocked up the way it is supposed to be.

How did I do it? Simple. I would forgo pen and paper. Log into google and create a google sheet from the To-do list template. So it will look something like this below.

Every week, I clone the template to create our weekly grocery list. This template is great because it allows me to check off the items that I have bought, and it allows for easy alphabetical sorting. Prior to using a systematized grocery list, I have always wondered why there is so much wastage of food from the fridge, or why we can cans of soup from 2015. Now these problems go away. We buy only what we need, and everyone is happy, assuming the kids don't ask for anything too extravagant.

Shop with a grocery list. Eat at home. Save money.

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